คอร์สเรียน (Course)

Culture Building Blocks
Unlock the Power of Professional Work Culture 

เกี่ยวกับคอร์ส (Course Description)

Are you fed up with dealing with a toxic workplace that can lead to increased stress and burnout, as well as decreased job satisfaction and motivation? This course will cover everything you need to know. You’ll learn how to turn your workplace into a supportive and productive environment by emphasizing civility, developing a learning culture, and putting people first. Face challenges and create a better workplace culture, enroll now! 

สิ่งที่คุณจะได้รับ (What you'll learn)

– How to foster civility in the workplace to increase your and your team’s productivity sustainably 

– How to foster a professional learning culture among employees so that they can collaborate and solve problems together. 

– Learn how to use “people-first language” in your workplace for people with disabilities, making them feel like part of a team, accepting them, and not discriminating against them by others.  

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