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What Kills Creativity and How to Unblock It

Learn how to unblock creativity with YourNextU

What Kills Creativity and How to Unblock It

This experiential in-person course will help you to identify and remove the learned creativity blockers that prevent us all from unleashing the full power of our imagination. Connect the creative power of childhood with the intellectual power of adulthood and see the amazing results you can produce.

4Line Learning: Classroom

Duration: 3.5 hrs.

Location: FYI Center

  • Attitude: Recognizing the importance of dealing with the key creativity killers
  • Approach: Analyzing the impact of these killers, and ways they can be dealt with
  • Action: Knowing how to rescue creative thinking and innovation, for individuals and organizations

This course provides an engaging interactive context for exploring the problems associated with the potential blockers of creative thinking and innovation.

Themed as a murder crime scene investigation (CSI), through the game learners are encouraged to identify WHAT is responsible for the death of creative thinking, and HOW & WHERE it has been stifled in themselves, teams and organizations. The game gives profile information about the key “creativity killers” and shows potential metaphorical “murder” locations around the organization. Through the game learners are given the opportunity to consider clues and decide what they think the greatest creativity killers are in their context, and the best rescue strategies.

Who should join this course
Anyone who is interested in removing personal and organizational roadblocks to creativity

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