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Tools for Transformation

Tools for Transformation

In our ever-changing environments, people and companies constantly get opportunities to improve, discover and adapt. And to do so, they can rely on powerful tools. Some of them are designed to help companies evolve, others could impact entire industries, while some have the potential to even change how we view this world. Follow this course to discover a few of the tools that help carry out transformation.

4Line Learning: Online

Duration: Self-paced

Location: Anywhere

  • Consider a new, employee-focused process for innovation
  • Picture out-of-the-box approaches to improve customer experience
  • Understand how blockchain makes whole industries safer
  • Comprehend how quantum computing could change the world
  • Crowdfunding inside the enterprise
  • Design thinking & Agile development
  • The blockchain revolution
  • Quantum computing in a nutshell

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