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The Step-In Leader Series

The Step-In Leader Series

The Step-In Leader Series

4Line Learning: Classroom

Duration: 3.5 hrs. (for each class)

Location: FYI Center

The Step-In leader Series is designed to equip new leaders with the essential skills to lead. Developed from 25 years’ experience developing leaders in Thailand, the Step-In Leader Series will give you the confidence and capabilities to take control, engage your new team, and get your career in leadership off to a flying start.

  • Learn and practice 3 core frameworks that will be used throughout the program and, hopefully, throughout the rest of your life
  • Begin the process of developing an ‘Explorer Mindset’ by practicing being more curious, open and supportive of others in your life
  • Learn and use STAR to help frame thinking and approach to your role as an Explorer
  • Apply the 4+1 Active Listening process as the first step of the Explorer Mindset to get a deeper understanding of important situations and people you encounter

The Step-In Leader Certification Program provides the fundamental skill-sets and tools for new supervisors or people who have not had any formal managerial training.

Why should I have an Explorer Mindset?

An explorer mindset has three elements:
1. To be curious
2. To be open
3. To be supportive.

The more you focus on who you are being with people, the feedback you receive, and how you are communicating with others, the more you are developing this Explorer Mindset; and mindset drives behavior. An Explorer Mindset Leader is constantly asking him/herself: am I curious, am I open, am I supporting my people and employing the Explorer Mindset?

Explorer leaders also put learning into action. The more successful leaders will be those who apply all the tools that they learn on this course. To help you apply your learning we will be using the Mission Control Board where you can track and share your progress.

Who should join this course
•  New supervisors with only a few years of supervisory experience
•  Production supervisors who want the benefit of fundamental management skills training
•  First-time Managers

The Step-In Leader Series by SEAC is delivered in 10 half-day workshops:

  • Step-in Leader 1: Being a STAR Explorer
  • Step-in Leader 2: Adjusting for Success
  • Step-in Leader 3: Engaging Others
  • Step-in Leader 4: Communicate Effectively
  • Step-in Leader 5: Feedback
  • Step-in Leader 6: Managing and Coaching Teams
  • Step-in Leader 7: Planning & Prioritizing
  • Step-in Leader 8: Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
  • Step-in Leader 9: Resolving Conflict
  • Step-in Leader 10: Motivating Myself and My Teams

If you’re interested in taking Step-In Leader Series, become a member to learn now and get full access to world-class content for a full year.