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The Four Houses of DISC

The Four Houses of DISC 1: Reading Others and Knowing Self

The Four Houses of DISC

Learn to understand your natural behavioral style and how to read the style of others to transform your communication impact and relationships at work and at home. You’ll be ready to deal with different styles of people and successfully influence them using your new insights.

4Line Learning: Classroom

Duration: 3.5 hrs. (for each class)

Location: FYI Center

  • How to explore the behavioral styles and preferences of the four core DISC styles and the style blends.
  • Recognize the styles, and better understand their preferences and needs.
  • How to explore your own behavioral style and develop powerful insights into how your style influences your work and interpersonal style.
  • Understand why you find it easier to deal with certain styles than others, and where the likely sources of conflict are between the styles.
  • Build on the foundations and help you to understand how to use your new insights to become more influential.
  • The four DISC styles are motivated by different things, they see things differently, and they prefer different channels and styles of communication. In this class you’ll learn and practice how to tailor your interactions with others to match their style.

Become a powerful influencer through the magic of DISC

Having the ability to influence others – to sell your ideas, build coalitions of support, and develop strong interpersonal connections is a magical gift. This experiential class continues the enjoyable and insightful exploration of the DISC behavioral model. We build on the concept of the four DISC style as ‘wizarding houses’, each with their own distinctive characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. You’ll work with participants from your wizarding house as you battle the other houses to see who the supreme influencers are. Beyond the fun is a profound learning experience that will leave you with the lifelong skill to build your interpersonal impact. You will leave with a new capability that will transform how you engage with others, and which will dramatically improve your influence at work and at home.

What is DISC and How is it Used?
Extended DISC® is an assessment tool designed to help individuals, teams and organizations to become more successful by providing actionable insight on how to modify behavior.

These insights will help you to become more successful by:
•  Understanding how people are different
•  Developing confident self-awareness
•  Learning to identify the styles of others
•  Understanding how to adjust your behavior based on the other person’s style

You will become more aware that your success is determined, in a very large part, by how well you interact with others. You will learn how to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate others to create successful relationships with subordinates, customers, prospects, colleagues, managers, friends and family members.

What is the DISC Model?
The DISC model is a practical and user-friendly theory of human behavior. It creates a common language and a framework to better understand ourselves and others. It is non-judgmental with no good or bad categories, or high or low scores.

The DISC model divides people into four main behavioral styles. Individuals are identified as either People-oriented or Task-oriented. They are further distinguished as Reserved or Active.

The 4 DISC types
A person’s individual DISC styles will not limit what they can accomplish or how successful they can be.  DISC styles simply predict how they tend, and prefer, to interact and work with others: how they communicate, motivate, influence, sell and lead.

Successful individuals can be any of the DISC styles, but generally they are confidently self-aware of their strengths and development areas. They do not overuse their strengths and they work on their weaknesses. They consistently make conscious decisions about how to best modify their style with different styles of people and in different situations. This class will help you to make these decisions and to become more successful.

Primary and Blended Styles
Very few people are ‘pure’ styles i.e. 100% D, I, S, or C. Most people are a blend of the styles, but we all have one dominant style and we can learn to read these style traits in each other.

This class will help you in two essential ways.

First, you will learn the natural strengths of others and so leverage these strengths by putting the right people in the right role, and on the right task.  People are more productive and supportive when they have opportunities to do what they love and what they are good at.

Second, you will learn how to adjust what you say and how you say it according to others styles. You’ll learn how to communicate the same message in four different ways according to the style of the person you are speaking to, and so activate the internal triggers in those people that will build interest, excitement and buy in to your idea or request. 1. A recap to the DISC styles

Who should join this course
Managers, leaders, sales and customer staff, and anyone, at any level, who wishes to develop stronger interpersonal relationships and influencing ability.

The Four Houses of DISC is delivered in 2 half-day workshops:

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