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The e3 Leader Series

e3 Leader Series: Engage, Empower & Execute

The e3 Leader Series

This series was developed for experienced leaders and managers who are looking to step up their leadership game to the next level. The e3 Leader Series will help you learn and apply solution-focused conversations to engage and empower your people by aligning personal values and goals with work tasks.  You’ll drive execution to extraordinary levels when you leverage the power of e3.

4Line Learning: Classroom

Duration: 3.5 hrs. (for each class)

Location: FYI Center

  • The phases and process of the e3 Arrow
  • The process and questions associated with powerfully connecting with those around you. Starting with a simple ‘How are you?’ and going deeper to see others as people
  • Really understand and apply active listening and effective questions to move to a deeper understanding of the people and situation(s) they are facing
  • How to establish a clear contract for shorter conversations or team meetings- using questions to define time, focus and outcome to set the stage for focused conversations and more effective outcomes

The e3 Leader Certification Program is unique in that it builds skills that can simultaneously drive results, develop others’ capability and increase innovation. As a bonus, participants bring in and move forward their own work with the help of others. Effectively applying the e3 Arrow Solution Focused Framework typically has a significant impact the teams and stakeholders around those who role-model it.

Identifying workplace challenges, such as collaboration and accountability, and shifting from problem to a solution-focused mindset to:

  • Build connections and understand the other’s world
  • Create clear contracts and agreements, ensuring clarity and focus
  • Generate active listening and powerful questioning

Who should join this course

This is a slightly more advanced course for experienced managers or those who wish to take on important formal or informal leadership roles. Anyone who must work in collaboration with team members/ subordinates/ customers, or those who want to:

  • Build leadership capability
  • Build engagement and create a happy workplace
  • Shifting mindset and ready to transform
  • Cultivate a “Coaching Culture”

The e3 Leader Series is delivered in 3 half-day workshops:

  • e1 Leading to Engage
  • e2 Leading to Empower
  • e3 Leading to Execute

If you’re interested in taking The e3 Leader Series, become a member to learn now and get full access to world-class content for a full year.