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Psychology & Communication Techniques

Psychology & Communication Techniques

What makes psychology and communication techniques so important?

Learn how to build a constructive environment to come to a win-win solution in any negotiation. Develop skills to read and adapt to the other party, defuse conflict, and redirect the conversation to focus on solutions instead of obstacles.

4Line Learning: Online

Duration: Self-paced

Location: Anywhere

  • Understanding the various forms of intelligence and the virtues of empathy
  • Defusing anger to preserve quality of dialogue
  • Respecting your interlocutor in order to prevent them losing face

Negotiation is a bit like a game of chess. Each player lines up their pawns, hoping to win the game. But no one wants to end up checkmated. So how do you keep calm in every situation? How do you avoid descending into futile power games? Anger is never a wise counsellor, so it is best to adopt a softly-softly approach. This course will help you maintain quality relationships and turn situations to your own advantage!

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