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Data is often called ‘the new oil’ because of its value to a business. But this crude data needs to be ‘refined’ into valuable insights, deductions, and decisions. In an information-rich world insight, originality, and rational thinking are where value can truly be found. We have curated a learning path of stimulating OnLine courses and Inline classes to teach you practical models to be more objective, rational, and creative in your thinking.

Sample programs

What Kills Creativity and How to Unblock It

This experiential in-person course will help you to identify and remove the learned creativity blockers that prevent us all from unleashing the full power of our imagination. Connect the creative power of childhood with the intellectual power of adulthood and see the amazing results you can produce.

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7 Thinking Tools to Unleash Creativity

Unleash your personal and team creativity with seven impactful tools you can learn and practice to accelerate creativity in your team.

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Building Customer-Driven Mindsets

This hands-on experiential workshop gives you the chance to learn and practice using a customer-driven mindset to creatively redesign your processes to delight your customers, engage your people, and improve efficiency.

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Bringing Data Culture to Life in the Workplace

Is your business making the best use of the rich data available? If not, this OnLine course will help you to build data into the cultural fabric and daily practices to discover new opportunities and make better decisions.

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Cognitive Biases: Thinking Traps

Why do we value a 500 Baht bank note that we find down the back of the sofa more than a banknote in our wallet? Quite simply because our reasoning is flawed by cognitive biases. This OnLine Course will teach you to recognize and avoid the common thinking traps that we fall into every day and so transform the quality of your thinking.

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