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As a freelance professional you’re paid to know what others don’t. Clients hire you because you have insights that they lack. In a world in which knowledge is moving so fast that fresh graduates are out-of-date within three years, how can you continually upgrade your skills to stay relevant? YourNextU is the lifelong learning university for freelance professionals and the perfect place to start your lifelong learning journey.

Sample programs

What Kills Creativity and How to Unblock It

This experiential in-person course will help you to identify and remove the learned creativity blockers that prevent us all from unleashing the full power of our imagination. Connect the creative power of childhood with the intellectual power of adulthood and see the amazing results you can produce.

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Design Thinking 1: Empathize

In this first course in the Design Thinking series, learn how to get inside the hearts and minds of users to discover problems to solve that have true value for them.

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Design Thinking 6: Storytelling

A critical ingredient in any innovation is the ability to get people to support your idea. You need to sell your idea to secure funding and to acquire users. This final course in the 6-part Design Thinking Series will teach you how to build and tell a compelling story around your innovation idea to secure the support you need to bring your idea to market.

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Bringing Out Your Inner Entrepreneur

There’s an entrepreneur in all of us and this OnLine course will help you to understand how to find and unleash yours.

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Emotional Intelligence 1: Understanding my Emotional Intelligence

This course will help you to understand, manage, and effectively harness your emotions to build and sustain strong interpersonal relationships at work and in life.

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