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Outward Mindset

Outward Mindset

Transform your business and professional relationships with an Outward Mindset development. Learn to see people as people not as obstacles to your goal. See how you contribute to interpersonal conflict and learn to take the initiative in turning conflict into creative, collaborative, and productive relationships through an Outward Mindset.

Unknowingly, too many of us operate from an inward mindset—a narrow-minded focus on self-centered goals and objectives.

The Outward Mindset enables individuals and organizations to make the one change that most dramatically improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation—a shift to an outward mindset.

4Line Learning: Classroom

Duration: 3.5 hrs. (for each class)

Location: FYI Center

•  What ‘Mindset’ really means and how it shapes the way you see and impact others and the world around you
•  The Two Mindsets—Inward and Outward—and what people are like when operating and living with each mindset
•  How to recognize the symptoms of being Inward or ‘In the Box’ and the meaning of the four corners of the Box.
•  How to Identify and address your own favorite ‘in the Box’ styles and behaviors, and how to turn them Outward

•  Learn how to discern the issues your organization is facing rather than focusing on personal goals
•  Understand how to identify the objectives which are being blocked due to issues of Inward Mindset
•  Learn to turn Outward to identify and fix root causes
•  Learn the techniques of the influence pyramid
•  Learn to apply Outward Mindset tools to align the efforts of the organization behind shared goals for mutual  success

Mindset drives behavior.

Outward Mindset is changing mindsets and broadening global perspectives by giving importance and attention to the surrounding environment. You should also be more empathetic and understanding towards what others want, in order to improve your problem-solving skills to become more efficient and well-rounded.

By giving importance to your surroundings and the people around you will enhance your relationship. Those enrolling in this training will be able to utilise Outward Mindset and apply it in every aspect of the workplace. Furthermore, it will create inspirations for team members to have the courage to change their perspectives and behaviors which will help to not only achieve the organization’s goal and vision, but towards sustainability. As a result, the organization will have the capability to move towards future goals. By just changing mindsets about those around you, your life can change tremendously. This outward mindset training will take you out of your comfort zone and change your perspective.

The goal of this workshop is not only to bring you out of your comfort zone, but to change your mindset to better develop your relationship with others around you and promote teamwork.

Leadership and organizational development experts have struggled to explain why 70% of organizational change efforts fail. One of the critical reasons is that change efforts usually focus on behavior, rather than on what drives behavior: mindset.

In the behavioral approach to organizational transformation, leaders adjust systems and processes with the aim of motivating or incentivizing employees to behave in certain ways. They might try to inspire employees to adopt desired behaviors or enact policies that require these behaviors. Without a change in mindset, however, newly adopted behaviors won’t stick and results will suffer. On the other hand, organizations that foster the right foundational mindset are able to ensure that employees sustainably adopt those behaviors that drive the desired results. Unknowingly, too many of us operate from an inward mindset—a narrow-minded focus on self-centered goals and objectives. When faced with personal ineffectiveness or lagging organizational performance, most of us instinctively look for quick-fix behavioral Band-Aids, not recognizing the underlying mindset at the heart of our most persistent challenges. The Outward Mindset enables individuals and organizations to make the one change that most dramatically improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation—a shift to an outward mindset.

Arbinger specializes in training individuals and organizations to deploy what is called an Outward Mindset: a unique way of seeing others and working together that focuses on the impact of collective efforts on the organization.

Most organizations operate from what is known as an Inward Mindset, a focus only on personal objectives and creates a blind spot of how it impacts on others, which is the root cause of organizational dysfunction. An Inward Mindset promotes mediocrity and stagnation wherever it is found. It inspires conflict and silos within teams and ultimately poisons an organization’s culture against collaboration and its potential.

On the other hand, an Outward mindset allows individuals to take into account the objectives of others. With an Outward Mindset, individuals become accountable for their impact on the whole. Leaders are able to see clearly the contribution of each person, clear out interpersonal roadblocks to collaboration, and zero in on creative solutions to chronic problems.

•  As an individual you will feel greater self-contentment and self-worth as:
– You behave authentically to your true self without self-betrayal
– You make a positive impact at work, with your friends, and with your family
•  Outward mindset companies have lower turnover
– Employees with an outward mindset feel, and are more engaged and productive
– They solve conflict more readily
– They are advocates for the company and create a positive culture
– Feel recognized for their contributions, and safer to express opinions
•  Outward mindset companies save time
– Companies understand customer needs and make better, more profitable decisions
– Teams are results-focused and more cohesive, with quicker decision-making
– Less conflict means more sharing and time saved in meetings
– Companies are likely to question their impact, thus helping them make their systems more efficient

Who should join this course

  • Anyone who wants to build stronger interpersonal relationships and feel that they are being authentic to who they really are.
  • Managers wishing to improve their team””s performance and drive successful business outcomes.
  • Leaders looking to shift their mindset, to realize the personal and professional benefits of outward consideration.
  • Executives looking to inspire organizational change.

Outward Mindset from The Arbinger Institute is delivered in 2 half-day workshops. Outward Mindset is available in both work and life contexts.

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