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New Me Newland


New Me Newland

New Me Newland is an experiential workshop that will immerse you in the mindset and practice of becoming change ready. More than simply a change management approach, New Me Newland is a philosophy for living life in perpetual change, which the core of lifelong learning.

4Line Learning: Classroom

Duration: 3.5 hrs. (for each class)

Location: FYI Center

  • A better understanding of the psychology of human nature in dealing with change, as individuals or organizations
  • A self-awareness development tool (‘J2N Characters’) for self-practice
  • An understanding of yourself, the first step to unlocking your potential in leading change

One constant in this world is change. Many organizations are chasing change, rather than leading change. “Journey to Newland (J2N)” is a roadmap for transformational change that works for every level of the organization and at the individual level. It is a framework to impact the organizational mindset and culture with a psychology tool designed to deal with the emotional minefield surrounding resistance to change.

The course uses concepts of animals with unique human characteristics to highlight specific behaviors/traits that can help you lead change:

•  The eagle represents the visionary, the one with a willingness to change and cares about others
•  The bear represents the reactionary, the one resistant to change and fears losing power/influence/control

The characters in the story demonstrate basic responses to change, but they also reveal a deep study in human behavior, providing the team with insights into organizational capability and productive intervention strategies. Story-telling makes the communication tools relatable. The J2N Story provides a common language (which is a key to transformation) and illustrates the multi-faceted dimensions of situations and the underlying psychology, providing a learning-in-action session which helps individuals enhance their understanding.

This workshop focuses on understanding people’s priorities, concerns, and aspiration to change is critical to navigate the transition. The leader must have the skills to gauge the personality types of the staff and take the temperature of the organization and its willingness/resistance to change, in order to manage the transformation effectively.

First, the leader needs to self-identify/diagnose, to be a “New me.” In the session, individuals will inspire each other to make a change. Change starts from within you to become a ‘New Me’ in ‘Newland’.  Change is a process, while transition deals with emotions and mindset. Making the transition from old/ingrained ways of thinking is key to the transformation into the new mindset.

“What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand.”
Lao Tse

Who should join this course
• Anyone who wants to become a change leader. No matter what industry you’re in, no matter where you sit in an organization, change can come from you
• Managers who would like to develop a common language around leading change
• Project leaders/Strategic Execution Team Leaders who would like to invite other people into the process of change
• Individuals who are struggling to lead or adapt to change

New Me Newland by J2N Global is delivered in 2 half-day workshops

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