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Management 3.0: Being an Agile Manager

Management 3.0: Being an Agile Manager

Employee expectations are changing now that new generations have entered the job market. And management is changing too! But what new roles do managers have to fullfil? On this course, you’ll learn the basic principles of agile management and their practical application. You’ll also find out how to build efficient, creative teams. So now it’s over to you!

4Line Learning: Online

Duration: Self-paced

Location: Anywhere

  • Understanding the basic principles of Management 3.0
  • Identifying the attitude of an agile manager
  • Differentiating between a servant leader and a host leader
  • Understanding the benefit of games at work and adopting fun business practices
  • Making teams more creative by adapting business practices
  • Putting tools in place to develop your team’s imagination
  • Finding ways to increase team participation
  • Understanding the internal workings of a team so that these can be changed
  • Understanding collective intelligence
  • Identifying current developments in the company

– The principles of Management 3.0

– A new type of manager

– Servant leader and host leader

– Promoting collaboration through games

– Developing your team’s creativity

– Inspiring your team’s imagination

– Increasing every employee’s commitment and involvement

– Redesigning teams

– Making the most of collective intelligence

– Rethinking the very structure of the business

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