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Leading change in a Disruptive Environment

Leading change in a Disruptive Environment

Today, leaders must constantly adapt to a rapidly changing economic and competitive environment. This online course shows how, by using the intuitive compass®, any leader can contribute to unleash the creativity, agility and resilience of the company to innovate and succeed.

4Line Learning: Online

Duration: Self-paced

Location: Anywhere

  • Understand that going beyond linear thinking can help companies leverage intuition and instinct
  • See how using play develops a company’s capacity for disruption
  • Master the four tenets of Intuitive Intelligence
  • Understand the laws of instinct
  • Be familiar with the four quadrants of the Intuitive Compass® and their strengths and weaknesses
  • See that favoring the Southwest quadrant develops collective Intuitive Intelligence within a company
  • Understand how the Intuitive Compass can be used to transform the way companies work
  • See how promoting Intuitive Intelligence can bring back profitability to a company in difficulty
  • Practice your Intuitive Intelligence through a series of exercises

Companies today must constantly adapt to a rapidly changing economic landscape. The smartest way to address these challenges is to boost their creativity by changing the way managers and employees work and think, and ultimately by shifting their approach to value creation. Tapping into their intuitive potential leaders can bring about this creative revolution and enable companies to thrive in disruption. This course shows you how using the Intuitive Compass® can help unleash any company’s capacity for innovation.

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