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Leadership Essentials – Inside Your Head

Leadership Essentials - Inside Your Head

Not always in the best frame of mind at work? Learn how to manage your emotions and banish the negative thoughts and moods that hold you back.

4Line Learning: Online

Duration: Self-paced

Location: Anywhere

  • Understand the difference between how people showcase their lives and how you feel inside
  • Manage negative thoughts without fighting them
  • Better deal with your emotions
  • Reduce stress by using lists

How can you manage what’s inside your head? Whether it’s your to-do list, your insecurities, your thoughts, or your emotions, don’t forget that only you know what comes and goes in your own mind. In this course, you will see how thinking and not thinking can lead us into trouble, how to weather the storm when our moods are against us, and how to give our minds a break with the power of lists.

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