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Innovate with Startups

Innovate with startups

Innovate with startups

Preparing to launch your own startup? You can get a head start in the game by getting to know the basics of challenges and advantages of open innovation.
Learn the essentials on how a startup operate as well as how to ensure an alliance between major companies and your business can be sustainable.

4Line Learning: Online

Duration: Self-paced

Location: Anywhere

  • Understanding the advantages of different types of alliance between major companies and startups
  • Defining how a startup operates
  • Knowing the challenges and advantages of open innovation
  • Choosing the right partners for building a sustainable alliance
  • Understanding the keys for successful construction of its alliance strategy
  • Finding out about the open innovation initiatives run by Orange, a pioneer in the field

Alliances between major companies and startups are becoming more numerous. But how can the sustainable success of these open innovation initiatives be ensured between structures that are so different? Investment, partnership or sponsorship… discover the new forms these transformations can take! This course will give you the opportunity to explore the advantages these alliances offer to all stakeholders concerned, and to find out about the strategies for making joint innovation a success.

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