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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence 1 Understanding my Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

4Line Learning: Classroom

Duration: 3.5 hrs. (for each class)

Location: FYI Center

Your Emotional Intelligence will determine your career success, your relationship success, and your happiness in life as surely as your mental ability or skills. This course will help you to understand, manage, and effectively harness your emotions to build and sustain strong relationships at work and in life.

  • Learn why emotional intelligence matters and the impact that it has on your ability to handle stress and maintain effectiveness
  • Explore the ‘Personal Domain’ of emotional intelligence with its themes of Self-Awareness and Self-Management.
  • Explore the ‘Interpersonal Domain’ of emotional intelligence with its themes of Social-Awareness and Relationship Management
  • Interpret your emotional intelligence profile, and recognize the impact and triggers that drive your reactions under pressure
  • Understand how you impact and influence others.
  • Build a development plan to increase your emotional resilience and control, and enhance your influencing skills and interpersonal impact.
  • Dig deeper to develop enhanced self-awareness.
  • Learn the ‘Three Brains’ concept and how to recognize and control which brain you and others are engaging.
  • Learn what triggers your stress response and how to manage and turn off these triggers.
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback constructively and to manage ‘difficult’ conversations to deliver positive outcomes that actually strengthen relationships
  • Learn the tricks of self-motivation to keep yourself moving forward under pressure
  • Learn how to become more empathetic; how to listen to understand others and not merely to respond.
  • Learn to read non-verbal cues and send the right messages in return

In a world increasingly driven by technology emotional intelligence is more important than ever. As we struggle to cope with the heightened pace and uncertainty of our environment, and find the nature and form of our interactions with others changing, it is necessary to understand and adapt our emotional intelligence to this changing context.

First defined by Daniel Goleman in his seminal book, Emotional Intelligence, this is a field that is now recognized as central to performance, on a par with or perhaps even more significant than IQ.

The model describes two equally important domains of emotional intelligence

1. The Personal Domain
Before understanding how we interact with others, we must first understand ourselves. The Personal Domain looks at the twin competency clusters of Self-Awareness and Self-Management.

Self-Awareness explores how accurately we understand our emotions and how they impact us. It helps us understand our self-image, awareness of strengths and development areas, and openness to feedback.

Self-Management explores our ability to manage our emotions under pressure. Not merely from the perspective of controlling emotional outbursts and moods, but also in terms of maintaining focus, optimism, and drive.

The Personal Domain is the starting point for building greater emotional intelligence, as we must first understand and manage ourselves before understanding and influencing others.

2. The Interpersonal Domain
The second essential element to realizing greater interpersonal impact is developing an enhanced awareness of others and how to influence them. The Interpersonal Domain examines two critical competency clusters in this regard: Social Awareness and Relationship Management.

Social Awareness explores our natural orientation to understanding the needs and emotions of others. It helps us build greater empathy and become more effective collaborators, committed to finding solutions which further the interests of both parties.

Relationship Management examines our natural influencing style. It builds an understanding of natural strengths and underused influencing strategies. It provides a roadmap for developing our influencing effectiveness and our ability to build coalitions and rally support for our ideas and plans.

The Interpersonal Domain opens the door to becoming a more effective leader and more influential presence, capable of building and sustaining strong interpersonal relationships with others.

This emotional intelligence course utilizes the Psytech Emotional Intelligence assessment. A proven, culturally-neutral personality assessment which helps you understand how you score on the Personal and Interpersonal Domains compared to a typical business professional. It shows you where you are similar to others and where you differ.

In this activity-driven course you will quickly form insights into your emotional intelligence profile. You  will understand how your natural profile is enabling and blocking your personal emotional balance and interpersonal impact. From this you will develop a practical action plan that you can immediately apply to begin to find a greater emotional balance and enhanced influencing skills.

Who should join this course
Anyone, from executives to staff and from corporates to entrepreneurs, who is interested in developing their emotional self-awareness, self-management and interpersonal impact.

Emotional Intelligence from Psytech International is delivered in 2 half-day workshops:

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