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Building & Leading High-Performance Teams

Building & Leading High-Performance Teams

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The greatest test of teamwork is pressure; but how do we make sure our workplace teams can overcome difficult situations? Communication strategy, collaboration skills and teamwork will determine if a team can rise to the challenge.

The Value of Collaboration Skills Training

When companies face a challenge that requires a collaborative effort, they pull employees away from their daily activities to form a solution. In these situations, having excellent teamwork saves the company time and money. Being able to swiftly work out a solution to a problem takes trained collaboratives skills and effective communication. 

Located in Bangkok, YourNextU offers collaboration skills training and development courses. Enhance your and your team’s abilities with our curated, world-class programs to help you read, relate to, and connect with others at work with openness, authenticity, trust, and respect.

This experiential workshop with an Antarctica survival theme will teach you how to keep your team focused and effective under pressure.
  • Understand the nature of team dynamics
  • How to create common perspectives and language to streamline communication across barriers
  • Develop your Collaboration Skills to work effectively with others
  • How to deal with the pressures facing diverse teams in challenging scenarios
  • International teams
  • Virtual teams
  • Cross-cultural teams
  • Executive teams
  • Project teams
  • Teams with a ‘silo’ mentality
  • Teams under pressure
  • High-performing teams

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Content Course

This experiential, high-energy program is designed to overcome barriers to performance for teams under pressure. We recommend that you invite your team members to join this collaboration skill development course with you. Take part in a simulated experience of an exciting themed-challenge set in Antarctica. In a frozen environment, groups must navigate around the continent as virtual teams and find ways to prevent icebergs from breaking away.

Throughout this task, the overall team performance needs to be coordinated and information must be effectively shared in order to reach a common goal. Fascinating facts from NASA research and actual Antarctic expeditions are woven into engaging and entertaining exercises in which individuals form expedition groups that have the opportunity to explore beyond their current experience into the future. Among the challenges in this program are the special needs of virtual and cross-cultural teams, contemporary team communication, leadership and individual responsibility, learning to deal with different perspectives, and much more.

The session provides specific takeaway tools for ongoing team development, including the practical ‘ICE’ strategy: Identifying needs and planning, Communicating and clarifying, and Evaluating.

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