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Learning Path : Your Aspirations : Better Relationships Learning Path : Your Aspirations : Better Relationships

Lifelong Learning / June 14, 2019

Learning Path : Your Aspirations : Better Relationships

Learning Path : Your Aspirations : Better Relationships

For some people, a great communication skill is something they were born with and do not feel the need to enroll in any communication skills development courses. However, what they do not realize is having good communication skills is an essential skill set to have in leading daily life and to excel in their career. 

Communication is one of the tools needed to carry out various tasks. Therefore, having a great communication skill allows each individual to accurately convey their message through tone, language and facial expression without having the other person misinterpret the message and help lessen the chance of conflict from miscommunication.

Whether a relationship is smooth and going well or not relies solely on communication skills. If you are someone who is looking to improve your relationship, whether in the workplace or personal life, then you should enroll in this training. 

From attending communication skill training; which has been curated especially for you to improve and develop your communication skills with people around you, it will yield positive results and achieve the goal of the organization. Attendees will be given the chance to self-evaluate their communication skills through various activities which are lead by experienced trainers. This will lead to the correct path of self-improvement and self-development. In addition, attendees can take what they have learned and adapt it to their professional and personal life.  

Body Language and Assertiveness

Body language and body posture is an essential skill to have in the workplace. This helps with interpersonal communication because sometimes body language and body posture can be used in place of verbal communication. By attending this communication skills training, you will develop the confidence to utilise body language as another means of communication method. As a result you will enhance your self-image and build your credibility which also helps you in the workplace.

Psychology & Communication Techniques

If you are having trouble reading people, this program will be the solution you are seeking for. This online program will lead you towards the path of learning to read other people through psychology and negotiation technique which will reveal the things that people are hiding. 

Learn to build an atmosphere that will lead to positive outcomes for both parties. There are probably many people whom are wondering how the art of negotiation can lead to successfully achieving the set goals. Communication skills course is the answer which will help you understand the thinking and planning process. Moreover, you will gain an understanding of people’s desire and necessities which will help you to successfully negotiate.  

The Four Houses of DISC 1: Reading Others and Knowing Self

Let’s get an understanding of behaviors that lead and develop working traits of individuals by getting you to understand yourself and observe working styles of others around you. Learn how to change and alter communication skills to gain the best outcomes whether its with people around you or in a professional setting. You will be ready to handle and deal with different types of people and to successfully change their mind. Join this communication development course which will help change your mindset and lead you out of the box and your comfort zone. It will open new doors and opportunities for you to improve yourself. This seminar will help train you to be more observant and create an inspiration and motivation to improve yourself by removing all fears that you have built and set clear goals for yourself. For a better path that leads you towards success in life. 

New Me Newland 1: Understanding Change

Understanding and knowing how to handle changes is something that no one can avoid as constant self-improvement and self-adaptability is an asset and skill set that everyone should have.  However, how you prepare and deal with changes is dependent on your mindset. New Me New I and 1: Understanding Change is a workshop that will create inspiration that will become your weapon. This workshop will give you an understanding of human nature when faced with changes, both as an employee and the organization. Further this will develop your sense of self-understanding further. 

Bringing Data Culture to Life in the Workplace
Does your business utilise the large amounts of data available? If the answer is no, this online course will help you embed data utilisation as one of your organization’s cultures and assist your organization in seeking new opportunities. 

By Pariyakorn

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