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Are your people moving as fast as the pace of change or are you facing too much resistance?

To stay ahead of disruption, your people first need to catch up.

YourNextU is designed to shift learners’ perception, give them new practical tools to deploy, and teach them up to date and relevant knowledge. YourNextU is designed to get your people up to speed, and keep them ready for whatever comes their way. We do all that as quickly and conveniently as possible.


Is your company struggling to adapt strategies, projects and the general way of working?

After years of defining success by the ability to follow plans, your people need new tools to be agile and respond to change effectively. Develop agile leaders and build organizational agility and change capability.


Is data the key to your future, but you can’t seem to get your people on board?

Establish a rationale for embracing data by teaching your people about the business applications and implications of a well-formulated data strategy.

Build a business case for adopting advanced data extraction and analytics techniques.


Are you missing creative solutions to emerging problems?

After years of executing repetitive tasks, people need a little support and confidence before sharing ideas. Awaken your company’s creativity by broadening your peoples’ perspectives and giving them advanced creativity techniques. Creativity is in all of us, we just need to unleash it


Is your business still relying on old and tired marketing techniques?

Teach your people about the business applications of a well-formulated digital marketing strategy. Build a business case for adopting advanced techniques to engage your customers in new modes of communication.

We Empower Life Through Learning

YourNextU offers a variety of world-class content curated by experts in business education. YourNextU online courses are updated frequently to ensure content is on the cutting edge, and relevant for today. Our courses in the global site are short, practical, and impactful. With access to YourNextU, your people can learn in a preassigned journey, or choose the topics by themselves.

Our World-Class content is curated by experts in business education

The YourNextU platform includes tracking and gamification to engage learners with an exceptional learning experience

Content is on the cutting edge and created to address the emerging challenges professionals are facing today

Resources are downloadable and relevant to learners’ work

Join a community and engage with other professionals in Southeast Asia in our forum moderated by learning implementation professionals

Featured courses

Pricing plans

World-class courses at their most affordable prices.
All for a rate as low as $199 USD per year 
Your way of learning. Unlimited access for one full year.

*exclusive of VAT

  • 200+ online programs with unlimited access, available 24/7
  • Unlimited access to downloadable toolkits from our resource library
  • Start your development journey
  • $ 58
    3 months
    • as low as $19.30 / month*
  • Never stop developing
  • $ 199
    12 months
    • as low as $16.50 / month*

Lead your team better.
Grow your business further.

True leaders can communicate effectively because they know their business and their people. Learn what it takes to become a true leader.

Don’t wait for opportunities.
Build Skills to Build the Future of Your Business

Start on your journey to create the future of your business by building innovation and adaptability capabilities

Learners' stories

“YourNextU learning is very progressive. My work revolves around innovation. This is how I know that best practice includes Design, Business, and Technology. YourNextU features a blend of all three areas, which to me are the most critical skills for the future and innovative economy. The content covers all the essentials. Not to mention it’s packaged at an affordable price for Thai people. Good education should not be a privilege exclusively for rich people.”

Mr. Apirut Vanchaam, Chief Digital Officer, SCG Cement – Building Materials Co., Ltd.

“Given the size of our organization, to reskill or not is not even a question. The real question is how do we reskill our people and how do we do that with speed? Reskilling is not something that can be spoon-fed. We want to see our people reskilling themselves in their own ways. This way, we’re building the future for our organization where learning is a culture.”

Mr. Pumipat Sinacharoen, Executive Vice President, PTG Energy Plc.

“YourNextU has different learning options, both offline and online. Online learning alone is not enough. It also needs the interaction and discussion with your peers to make learning effective. This is why YourNextU’s blended learning style is the solution. Also, learning does not happen when you assign your staff to a course. With YourNextU we can support them in learning what they are actually interested in. That’s when they will learn effectively and can apply it to their work. This is why Muang Thai is working with YourNextU.”

Ms. Rutai Suttikulpanich, Head of Fuchsia Innovation Center, Muang Thai Life Assurance Plc.

“YourNextU content is from the origin of innovative learning. It’s a shortcut that allows you to understand the academic developments and the skills emerging in the world. If we have to wait for the schedule where everyone can join, it would take years to reskill our people. With everyone being able to access the learning at their convenient time, YourNextU allows a much faster speed of change.”

Dr. Sarayuth Saengchan, SEVP – Finance & Acting COO – Admin, Mitr Phol Group

“YourNextU is a quality product that features world-class content at an affordable price. Italthai Group is not located exclusively in Thailand. We want to make sure that Thai employees have the grit and competitiveness it takes to get the same level of pay as that of the expats, or even higher. YourNextU provides the fastest shortcut for Thai people to access world-class learning.”

Mr. Yuthachai Charanachitta, Chief Executive, Italthai Group

“YourNextU is a blend of human development methods. It’s the right match with our strategy as it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. More than 80% of our people are Gen Y. They are not the generation to wait for learning. This is exactly why YournextU can fit seamlessly with the lifestyle of the new generation.”

Ms. Kantima Lerlertyuttitham, Chief Human Resources Officer at Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS)

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