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For over 27 years, SEAC (Southeast Asia Center) or center for development and support for Lifelong Learning of ASEAN has been working with government and private sectors to develop leadership as well as strategy to prepare leading organizations for disruptions.

We believe that the potential of the “people” is the driving force behind the society and the country. The constant change in the world demands endless learning and adjustments. This is how the concept of “Lifelong Learning Ecosystem” or “learning community for all stages in life” was born.


SEAC Mission


Best practice no longer exists in today's world. We can only count on changes and The New Normal to come rushing at us.

SEAC sees how crucial it is for everyone to be able to adapt to these changes. This is how our mission was conceived: To create an enviroment that allows curious minds to Learn, Unlearn what's old and make room to Relearn what's new.
Expand all potential areas

Learning is not limited to one side. And if to adjust to keep up with the changing tide of the world We have to prepare important skills in the future. YourNextU therefore designed a learning program to develop from within. Until sharpening knowledge And refine the skills needed in the 4.0 era

Choose the right style for you

We understand that there is no best way to learn. Because each person has different learning methods Some people like to study in the classroom. Some people prefer to study by themselves. While some people may learn well through discussions

Learn World-Class in tangible ways

YourNextU collaborates with many of the world’s leading educational institutions, such as Stanford University, The Arbinger Institute, for example. As well as being able to study anywhere, anytime (Affordable & Accessible)

YourNextU is a learning system that will enhance the learning experience. Students can choose their own learning methods and design programs. Therefore, regardless of gender, age, or goal, you will receive the best learning experience from us!

The Garage

Many great businesses of the world started in a small ‘garage’
It’s only right that world-class learning will be taking place here.

Our learning playground is dedicated to fun, hands-on learning experience and friendship within our quality community of learners.

Disrupting the old ways of learning, The Garage provides the atmosphere that will keep those lightbulb moments coming so they can be expanded on beyond limits. We put a real focus on learning by encouraging hands on experience as well as trial and error until we get it right.

The best part: it’s is a space for fun that encourages everyone to grow their love in learning.

What makes The Garage so awesome?

  • Every square inch of this playground is designed to bring out your very best ideas
  • The furniture can be moved around for flexible and limitless experience
  • It’s home to equipments and tools that will support your learning
  • It’s a hub of Classroom, workshop space, meeting room and conference room, all rolled into one!
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