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7 Thinking Tools to Unleash Creativity

Thinking tools that will boost your creativity

7 Thinking Tools to Unleash Creativity

Creativity can be a tricky beast sometimes. This course will help you unleash your personal and team creativity with seven impactful tools. Learn and practice the tools to accelerate creativity in your team.

With seven practical strategies to improve problem solving, you will understand the art of creative thinking and be able to overcome complex and ambiguous problems.

4Line Learning: Classroom

Duration: 3.5 hrs. workshop

Location: FYI Center

  •  How to apply thinking methodologies to overcome complex and ambiguous problems
  • Understand the importance of both an analytical approach and spontaneous creative insights in problem-solving
  • Understand how to apply the 7 essential strategies to improve creative thinking skills

This course is a part of the ‘Creative Connection’ series is designed so participants can apply the tools learned to real issues. This session uses Tirian’s own design thinking methodology (which incorporates the process of ideation) to focus on practical outcomes. It is particularly useful for addressing problems that are ill-defined or complex, where neither the problem nor the solution are known at the outset of the problem-solving process. This session utilizes both divergent thinking and convergent thinking to explore a number of possibilities and come up with practical applications that work.

Through the session, participants will learn to appreciate the importance of both an analytical approach and spontaneous creative insights, and participants will learn how to design opportunities for breakthrough eureka moments. They will also learn to access all parts of the brain, and discover the power of questioning and harnessing ambiguous thinking.

Who should join this course
Anyone who wishes to develop stronger and more innovative problem solving skills

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