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Highlighted Programs

Design Thinking 1: Empathize

In this first course in the Design Thinking series, learn how to get inside the hearts and minds of users to discover problems to solve that have true value for them.

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The Four Houses of DISC 1: Reading Others and Knowing Self

Learn to understand your natural behavioral style and how to read the style of others to transform your communication impact and relationships at work and at home.

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Growth Mindset 1: The Power of a Growth Mindset

Successful people believe they can improve at anything if they work hard enough and are open to feedback. This Growth Mindset is the foundation of lifelong learning.

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Emotional Intelligence 1: Understanding my Emotional Intelligence

This course will help you understand, manage, & harness your emotions to build & sustain strong relationships at work and in life.

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“If we had learned about DISC and its practical use before we started our business, we might not have had to give up on it. We would’ve understood the difference styles of people and known better how to collaborate.”

Bam | Staff for Insurance Company

I used to find it difficult to understand why people do things the way they do because I’ve always lived by my own set of rules. When I started learning here, things made more sense. Now I know my way doesn’t apply to everyone. This allows me to communicate better with others.

Joy | Florist Business Owner

This is a safe zone. Everyone who joins the class is ready to share their experience. This makes us feel comfortable to open up. The atmosphere really allows learners from all walks of life, different professions and different ages to connect beyond the classroom.

Tony | Business Owner

It made me wonder why something like this didn’t exist when I was younger. This generation will benefit from attending the programs here. Back in my days, we did not have it. I’m lucky to be here and learn.

Lek | Business Owner

My goal is to give the team an eye-opening experience and achieving a better mindset. Today’s Growth Mindset class was a success. The team was able to reflect and believe that growth is possible.

A | Senior Staff L&D, Real Estate Company

At first I thought the InLine class would be like any classroom with a lecture. But then I got to practice in groups, share my experience, connect with peers from other companies and learn about their perspectives. The trainer provided guidelines and facilitated in-class practice to make sure we became more effective at asking questions.

Toey | Senior HRD, Insurance Company

I think the class is really good and will benefit anyone. It will be great if more people come here to learn and apply it in their situations. Outward Mindset shifted my relationship outcomes. Before this, it felt like nothing would work. But then I attended the class and my mindset just changed and I was able to apply what I learned right away.

Fame | HRD, Real Estate Company

YourNextU is not inspired by a business purpose. It’s inspired by the mission to enable Thai people to access better education. This belief is what impresses me.

Art | University Professor