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We believe that learning should not be lmited to only a certain age.
Over the past 27 years, SEAC continuously innovates ways of learning to expand potential and create inspiration.

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Highlighted Programs

Outward Mindset

A simple shift in your mindset can be life-changing. Did you know that people who are obsessed with work or completely absorbed in themselves don’t even know what goes on around them? Let alone how it affects people who are close to them. How about we change that perspective?

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Design Thinking

Don’t let the name confuse you. You don’t need to be a designer to learn from Design Thinking class. It will give your brain a good exercise and make you see things from a perspective you’ve never seen before. The inspiration is the beginning of new innovations.

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Self-leadership is actually for everyone. It should never be for only people in high positions or titled as a leader. Anyone can learn to lead and take self-developmnt into their own hands.

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e3 Leader

For managers and leaders, coaching to bring the best out of everyone in the team is the key to success. E3 provides a way to conduct conversations that will empower your team and encourage them to reach the goal.

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ON THIN ICE: Team Success under Pressure

Pressure can be expected in any work situation, but as a team how do we make sure that everyone is ready to handle the unexpected? ON THIN ICE will take you through a simulation, especially designed to test both the leader and their team. Teamwork and communication strategy will be key to making it through.

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Hands down the best program for newly-appointed supervisor or team leader. If you’ve just been promoted and still have doubts stepping up, STEPIN Leader will make sure you’re ready for the challenge.

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OnLine content from world-class courses in VDOs and visual format allows you to to learn on your own terms.


Classroom learning for different programs in their most effective environment. Make the most out of your learning from hands on experience with real experts.


Exchange and discuss real experiences with like-minded folks who are looking to develop themselves just like you. BeeLine is a different learning experience with unique exercises.


A library of knowlede learners can access to download and review and recap their lessons. Get unlimited downloads to your guidebooks anytime.

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